Bank Transfers – Advantages and Guarantees

International Settlements

International Bank Transfers

Belarusbank has large experience in the field of international bank transfers. High-end technologies and efficient management of correspondent accounts with leading international banks allow our customers to effect settlements promptly.

Letters of Credit

Advantages of Letter of Credit

  1. Letter of credit secures many risks associated with foreign economic activities.
  2. Letter of credit is a very flexible instrument of settlements under various transactions.
  3. The rules of LC settlements are set by the International Chamber of Commerce and are accepted practically worldwide. Therefore every party to a transaction has a clear understanding of its rights, responsibilities and standard requirements.
  4. Very practical for short term financing.


Guarantee is a written undertaking of a bank to effect payment against presentation of a written request for payment and other documents stipulated in the guarantee, according to the terms of an agreement/contract.

Advantages of Guarantee

  1. Payment guarantee for supplied goods or services for the seller.
  2. Deferred payment for supplied goods or services (for the guarantee validity term) for the buyer.
  3. Guarantee of proper execution of the contract.
  4. Moderate expenses for the seller and buyer and equalizing of such expenses

Documentary Collection

Documentary collection is a payment by a buyer's bank under presented by the seller's bank financial documents together with commercial documents (invoices, shipment documents, documents of title).

Advantages of Documentary Collections

  1. Easy in use and cheap.
  2. Presentation of documents against payment or draft acceptance.

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