Buy bonds by Internet – for users of Internet Banking system

Internet bonds

Belarusbank places its own bonds and bonds of corporate issuers in the Internet Banking system. The first issue of bonds of corporate issuers is already available.

Corporate bonds placed in Internet Banking system

Issuer, issue


Interest rate

Nominal value

Income payment



Swiss Leasing LLC,  
the 1st issue


7.77 %

(in the 1st - 4th interest periods),
 from 01.04.2023 -8.88%


semiannually, in BYN

in BYN

11.04.2022, 11.04.2023, 11.04.2024, 11.04.2025
in BYN

Swiss Leasing LLC,  
the 2nd issu


8,88% fixed


quarterly, in BYN

in BYN

17.06.2022, 19.06.2023, 19.06.2024, 19.06.2025, 19.06.2026,
18.06.2027, 19.06.2028
19.06.2029, 19.06.2023
in BYN

Private enterprise "Trade House "Forsage Instrument Bel",  
the 3d issue


9,00% fixed


quarterly, in BYN

in BYN

26.08.2022, 28.08.2023, 27.08.2024, 27.08.2025
in BYN

the 25th issue


10.00 %


in BYN

in BYN


 Note: Please check the Internet Banking system for the currently available Internet bonds for sale

Belarusbank bonds placed in Internet Banking system

Parameters of the two hundred forty-fifth bond issue of Belarusbank for individuals

(Internet Bonds)

Parameter name

The 245th issue

Date of state registration of the issue


Form of issuance

Non-documentary, in the form of entries in depo accounts

Nominal value

BYN 1,000

Issue size

BYN 30,000,000

Interest income, % per annum

Variable interest rate in the amount of the refinance rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (taking into account its change) increased by 4 percentage points

(set by the resolution of the Supervisory Board of Belarusbank of 29.08.2022 (Record No. 9))


Unsecured, within the limits of the Bank's regulatory capital

Period of placement

from 01.09.2022 to 28.02.2023

Circulation period

396 calendar days (from 01.09.2022 to 02.10.2023)

Maturity Date:


Frequency of income payment

Once only at bond redemption (02.10.2023)

Bond placement procedure

Placement is made at the current value through the open sale to individuals in the unorganized market using the Internet Banking system of Belarusbank

Service mode when buying bonds

Transactions are performed online, 24 hours a day, crediting the bonds to the depo account of the buyer – on the next business day

Early repurchase / early redemption at the request of the investor

Not carried out

Early redemption on the initiative of the bank

By decision of the authorized body of the Bank.

Possibility to resell the bonds on the secondary market

Not limited (sale to another individual)*

* Transactions on purchase and sale of bonds in the secondary market are carried out in the trading system of Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange using the services of a stockbroker, as well as in the unorganized market with mandatory registration of the transaction with a professional participant of the securities market. Services for the sale of Internet bonds are available at brokerage service points for individuals

Prospectus for the 245th bond issue

Brief information on the 245th bond issue

Internet bonds are bonds for individuals sold in the Internet Banking system. They are uncertificated (i.e. issued in the form of book entries similar to non-cash money) and represent an "advanced version" of traditional paper bonds.

To buy bonds, you must be a user of Belarusbank's Internet Banking system. If you still haven't enabled Internet Banking, take the opportunity and register online at

Internet bonds have a number of advantages as compared to both documentary bonds and bank deposits:


- opportunity to buy bonds twenty four – seven without leaving home;

- opportunity to pay for bonds that are issued by Belarusbank or by corporate issuers using a payment card both in foreign currency, and in rubles;

- receiving bond yield (coupon and payment amount) without visiting the bank;

- all disbursements under the bonds are performed "automatically" strictly on fixed dates;

- constant access to viewing your securities account online.


- no commission fees when buying bonds and receiving bond yield;

- free and branchless banking for securities account opening in the bank's depositary in order to safekeep acquired bonds;

- opportunity to return invested funds in advance by selling bonds in the secondary market before maturity (which is contrary to irrevocable deposits for a similar term);

- bond yield is not subject to income tax.


- no risk of bonds’ loss as they are stored at a personified securities account in the Belarusbank's depository.

For all questions, please, contact the Call Center by the following telephone number: +375 17 218 84 31.

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