Our priorities

International cooperation

The presence on the international financial market is a key aspect of the effective functioning and development of any large credit and financial institution.

Foreign financial affairs is one of the most complicated and multifaceted banking business areas which combines an approach to banking business traditional for the country with the supranational peculiarities of the global financial market. One of the top priorities of Belarusbank is the expansion of international presence which is being implemented in various areas of activity.

Belarusbank made its first steps on the market of long-term international borrowings in 1996. At this point Belarusbank has financed more than 400 investment projects of Belarusian enterprises with foreign loan facilities.

Belarusbank actively cooperates with a number of foreign export credit agencies such as Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft (Germany), KUKE SA (Poland), SERV (Switzerland), OeKB (Austria), SACE (Italy), Sinosure (China), EGAP (Czech Republic), EXAR (Russia), etc.

The representative offices located in Germany and China make a significant contribution to the further expansion and consolidation of Belarusbank in the international financial markets.

international cooperation

Belarusbank's international credit ratings contribute to the development of cooperation with foreign financial institutions. Since 1999 international rating agency Fitch Ratings has been assigning international credit ratings to Belarusbank. In the beginning of 2011 Standard & Poor's International Services, Inc. assigned its first long-term and short-term credit ratings to the Bank.

The current ratings of Belarusbank are in compliance with the ratings of the Republic of Belarus (please see Our bank / Ratings).

Belarusbank is implementing large-scale projects in the international debt capital market using new financial instruments.

Belarusbank is constantly expanding its geography of cooperation. In addition to the "traditional" business relations with the financial institutions of Germany, Poland, China, Russia, Austria, UK, Switzerland, Turkey, Czech Republic and Italy, Belarusbank has established business relations with financial institutions of France, Denmark, Korea, Cyprus, Croatia, Norway, etc.

Belarusbank has held a number of presentations and conferences in Tokyo, Seoul, Frankfurt am Main, Warsaw, Beijing and on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The events were attended by the bank’s partner financial institutions from Eastern and Western countries, as well as the clients of the Bank - Belarusian enterprises and their foreign partners.

According to The Banker’s overview 2017 Belarusbank was No.12 in the list of 25 biggest banks of Central and Eastern Europe in terms of Tier 1 Capital. The bank confirmed its leading position in the Republic of Belarus. Globally Belarusbank took the 556th place out of 1000 largest banks in the world.

Belarusbank is a full member of the International Trade and Forfaiting Association (IFTA), the Banking Association for Central and Eastern Europe (BACEE), World Savings Banks Institute (WSBI), the Interbank Consortium of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (IS of SCO) and the CIS Financial & Banking Council (CIS FBC).

The bank is constantly strengthening its international financial positions. We are forming the relevant infrastructure to grant our customers access to the global capital market.

With a combination of a great professional experience and rich traditions, Belarusbank is open to mutually beneficial cooperation.

Main deals of 2019-2020:

  • In April 2019 Belarusbank and China Development Bank signed a Loan Agreement for EUR 100 mln.
  • In July 2019 Belarusbank, Belarus Development Bank signed SME support agreements.
  • In November 2019 the European Investment Bank provided EUR 85 mln credit line for SME.
  • In June 2020 Belarusbank and Eximbank of Russia striked deal to support supplies of Russian Goods for EUR 30 mln.
  • In July Belarusbank raised EUR 60 mln Syndicated Loan.
  • In July Belarusbank and UBS Switzerland AG signed an agreement to finance the purchase of Stadler Electric Trains for the Belarusian Railway totaling to more than EUR 90 mln
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