Presently our client base consists of over 83 thousand corporate clients. Servicing a wide range of corporate clients, we strive to do everything possible to manage their finances reliably and effectively. Among these clients are the largest industrial and commercial enterprises of the country. 

Zhabinka Sugar Refinery

558-th Aircraft Repair Factory

Belwest - shoes factory

Vitebsk Regional Gas Enterprise

Polymir - petroleum and chemical processing

Naftan - oil refinery

Orsha Meat Processing Factory

Belarusian Metal Works

Mozyr Oil Refinery

Skidel Sugar Refinery

Belarusian Oil Trade Center

Gorodeya Sugar Refinery

Belaruskali - potash fertilizers manufacturer

Belshina - tire production

Minsk Automobile Factory

Minsk Bearing Factory

Minsk Trailer Works

Minsk Wine Factory

Minsk Refrigeration Factory 2

Traipl - holding company

Minsk Tractor Works

Belarusian Railroad

Belarusian Railroad, Minsk Branch

Belarusian Railroad, Baranovichi Branch

Belarusian Railroad, Brest Branch

Belarusian Railroad, Mogilev Branch

Belarusian Railroad DorORS - greenhouse agriculture

Dorstroimontazhtrest - Belarusian Railroad service company

Semi-conductor Instrument Factory

Minsk energy provider

The Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Belarus

Belarusian Postal Service

Beltelecom - telecommunication services

Belarus Potash Company

Beltransgas - gas transportation

BeST - Belarusian Telecommunications Network

Bereza Construction Materials

Brest Bread Factory

BrestZelenStroi - greenery planting company

Amkodor-Pinsk - loading and construction machines

Ivatsevichdrev - wood processing factory

Belovezhsky - meat factory

Pinsk Unwoven Materials

Pruzhany Milk Factory

Brest Meat Factory

"Savushkin Product" - milk production

Brest Base "Bakaleia" - trade company

Vityaz - radio electronics manufacture

Rogachev Milk Factory

Grodno Meat Factory

Grodno Bread Products

Grodno Constructing Materials Factory


Lida Bread Products


Molodechno Metal Constructions Factory

Kopyl Butter and Cheese Factory

Borisov Bread Factory

"Belkoopvneshtorg of Belkoopuniont" - export trading comany

Nesvizh Pharmaceuticals Factory

Mogilev Khimvolokno - chemical fibre production

Belorusian Cement Factory

Elizovo Glass Factory

Krovlya - roof materials manufacturer

Minsk Milk Factory 2

Minsk Milk Factory 3

Minsktrans - transportation services

Belenergostroi - energy services

Belcpetsvneshtehnika - srecial equipment production


Agat - scientific and specialized equipment producer

Kobrin Meat Factory

Brest - Service

Pinsk Artificial Leather Factory

Bereza Butter and Cheese Factory

Belovezhsky Cheese Factory

Belovezhsky - National park

Ruzhany Furniture Factory

 "Nika" - trading company

Orsha Meat Factory

Orsha Poultry Factory

Milk products

Gomel Regional Agricultural services

Kalinkovichi Bread Factory

Gomel Regional Gas Enterprise

Rechitsa Bread Factory

Neman Tobacco Factory

"ABC Firm" - trading company

Grodno Regional Gas Enterprise

Volkovysk Meat Factory

Grodno Regional Agricultural services

Milk world

Minsk Bread Factory

"Belmedpreparaty" - pharmaceuticals producer

"Na Nemige" Shopping Center

Volozhyn Butter and Cheese Factory

"Klenovichi" - agricultural products

Borisov Avtotractor Electric Equipment Factory

Puhovichi Bread Factory

"Building Components"

Technopribor - technological equipment manufacturer

Veiniansky Rodnik - soft drinks producer

Mstislavl Butter and Cheese Factory

Mogilev Meat Factory

Minsk Special Equipment and Technological Rigging Factory

Minsk Municipal Economy

Minsk Milk Factory 1

Belcommunmash - transport services

"MINSKRYBPROM" - fish-factory

Minsk Motor Factory

Minsk Refrigeration Factory 1

Beleximgarant - insurance services

" Minsk " Hotel

Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus

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