Cookie files

Policy in respect of the cookies processing in Belarusbank

Belarusbanl (the Bank) uses cookie files to improve functionality of its official web-site (the site), enhance usability and user experience efficiency.

The Bank responsibly treats the data provided by the users through use of its corporate site. When visiting the Bank's site, any user can give its consent or disable cookies.

The Bank does not transfer cookie files to third parties and does not use them for identification of personal data owners.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data sent by a web server and stored on the user's device. The Web Client (usually a Web Browser) sends this piece of data to the web server every time it tries to open a page of the corresponding site.

Cookies help the Bank to save user preferences, track the overall dynamics of interaction with the site and improve the user experience in the future.

Users can make settings on their devices in such a way so that they automatically accept all cookie files, or warn each time the site tries to write their cookie to the user's hard drive, or not accept any cookies at all.

What cookies are used on the Bank's site?

The Bank's site uses both session and persistent cookies. Session cookies are stored temporary until the user closes the browser. Persistent cookies are stored even after the browser is closed until the user prohibits their storage through the settings of its browser.

The Bank's site uses the following types of cookie files.

  • Functionality cookies: this type of cookies enables to improve the user's interaction with the site. Thanks to them, the settings are saved (choice of parameters) made by the user when using the site. For example, the language version of the site preferable to work with for the user;
  • Performance cookies: these cookies gather data on how visitors use the site and help to understand their areas of interest, as well as statistically measure the effectiveness of the information presented on the site.

These data can be used in analytic systems accounts of Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica, providing to the bank anonymous information on the statistics, so as to:

– Compile generalized statistics on user interaction with the site in order to enhance its operation;
– Improve the Bank's products and services and provide more relevant information on them;
– Analyze users preferences to develop more profitable and interesting offers in the future,
– Get information on the number of users visiting the site.

  • Cookies for gathering Yandex analytics: the site uses the Yandex.Metrica analytics tools provided by the YANDEX Limited Liability Company (the Yandex). The information gathered using cookies cannot identify the user, but it can help the Bank improve the operation of its website. Yandex processes this information to evaluate the users experience while using the site, to compile reports for the Bank on the functionalities of the corporate site. Yandex processes this information pursuant to the procedure established in the terms and conditions of use of the Yandex.Metrica service.

The Bank's website uses the Yandex Webvisor analysis tool, which records randomly selected visits (only using an anonymous IP address). Thus, the reports consist of mouse movements, clicks and keyboard usage, which allow visualizing the display of individual visits to the site in the form of so-called session plays and evaluating them through heat maps. These actions are aimed at making potential improvements on this page. The data collected by the Webvisor is not personal data and is not transferred to third parties.   You can disable cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser. The user also can use the following instruction;

  • Cookies for gathering Google analytics: these cookies do not identify users, but compile anonymous statistics about user interaction with the site. The Bank uses the data obtained for internal research to enhance usability of the site, improve products and services to provide information that is more relevant to users. 

The Bank's site uses Google Analytics with an extension for anonymous collection of IP‑addresses (so-called IP masking) and uses the collected information to evaluate the users experience while using the site, to create summary reports on the functionalities of the site and to provide other services related to the users experience while using the site. The IP-address sent by the user's browser in connection with using Google Analytics is not associated with other Google data;

  • Webim cookies: you can get an opinion from a Bank officer through the built-in Webim chat provided by Webim LLC (Webim cookie data is collected in accordance with the Webim Privacy Policy).

The use of these Webim cookies allows the Bank to adjust the content of individual sections of the Bank's website in accordance with the needs of users and thereby improve the quality of banking services provided;

  • Strictly Essential cookies: this type of cookie is required to ensure the functioning of the website and cannot be disabled, it is necessary to view the contents of the Bank's website and access to its functionalities. Such user data is not transmitted to third-party analytical systems.

We hereby inform you that anonymous user data gathered through the above cookies are used solely for the purpose of improving the quality of user interaction with the Bank's website and do not provide for the identification of individuals. Users can manage such data at their own discretion.

The ability to manage cookies

Cookies can be managed independently. The browser and/or device used by the user may allow blocking, deleting or otherwise restricting the use of cookies. To get detailed information about cookies management, we recommend using the instructions provided by the developers of the browser or device you are using.

Users can accept or disable all cookies processed on the site, except for Strictly Essential ones. At the same time, the correct operation of the site is possible only if the necessary cookies are used. If they are disabled, it may be necessary to re-select cookie preferences, the language version of the site, as well as the version of the Bank's site may not be displayed correctly.

The processed cookies shall be destroyed or depersonalized when the purposes specified for their use are achieved. It should be noted that:

  • Session Cookies are stored temporary until the site user closes the browser.
  • Cookie settings are stored for no more than a year;
  • when choosing the visually impaired version, some cookies are stored during using the site, and the rest are maintained for no more than a day;
  • when selecting language preferences on the site, cookies are stored for no more than a year;
  • session cookies necessary for the functioning of the Google Analytics platform, Yandex.Metrica, which are installed on the Bank's server and are not transmitted to third parties, are stored during using the site, and the rest of them – for no more than a year.

Stopping processing user data transmitted by cookies

Before cancelling the processing of user’s data transmitted by cookies through disabling them in your browser settings, we suggest carefully weighing all the pros and cons of such a solution.

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on the user's computer to take into consideration personal settings and user preferences, as well as to maintain statistics on user experience when working with a specific site.

When analyzing statistics, the Bank's website receives only generalized data from analytical systems. The latter do not provide any information regarding the specific personal data of the user that allows identifying him/her as an individual: no first name, no last name, and no other identifying data.

Disabling the using of cookies can lead to a lot of inconveniences, since the site or its individual modules may display incorrect data or work incorrectly.

If you wish to stop using cookies, please disable cookies in your browser settings. For this purpose, we suggest using the following links to official sources:

If you have noticed any discrepancy, please, highlight it and press Ctrl+Enter