LORO Accounts Services

Dear clients,

We offer you to use wide opportunities provided by the leading bank of the Republic of Belarus to satisfy your needs in payments in BYR and foreign currencies through LORO correspondent accounts opened in the books of Belarusbank.

The network of correspondent accounts of Belarusbank is comprised of more than 100 LORO accounts and 70 NOSTRO accounts held in 37 reliable correspondent banks in 15 currencies.

Distinguishing features of LORO account maintenance conditions of Belarusbank are as follows:

  • payments processing in a maximum short period of time;
  • attractive and competitive terms and conditions;
  • individual approach to account maintenance conditions for correspondent banks.

Terms and conditions of Belarusbank for correspondent banks are one of the most competitive in the market.

Belarusbank provides for the opportunity to derive interest earnings on LORO correspondent accounts opened in its books in the framework of correspondent account agreement.

We are also delighted to offer you the opportunity to receive additional earnings on funds placed in Belarusbank (subject to additional agreement to the correspondent account agreement). The core of the service is placing the available funds in the form of irreducible balance on the correspondent account under higher interest rate (interbank rate) than the one stipulated by the correspondent account agreement. For more detailed information, please, contact your relationship manager.

If you wish to open LORO account or conclude Master Agreement On General Terms of Interbank Market Transactions, please, contact  Financial Institution to the following phone number  +375 (17) 309-00-89, 309-03-40 or to the e-mail cb@belarusbank.by.

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