Belarusbank LORO accounts

LORO Accounts Services

Dear customers,

The leading bank of the Republic of Belarus offers you great opportunities to satisfy your needs in payments in BYN and foreign currencies through LORO correspondent accounts opened with Belarusbank.

The correspondent account network of Belarusbank is constantly developing to meet the customers' needs, in particular by applying individual approach to seek new opportunities within the context of the present day.

The distinguishing features of Belarusbank's LORO account maintenance regime are payment processing in a shortest possible time, attractive rates and an individual approach to account maintenance terms for correspondent banks. Belarusbank's fees for correspondent banks are among the most competitive on the market.

Belarusbank accrues and pays out interest income under a correspondent account agreement.

We offer our LORO correspondents to make advantage of CNY settlement business through Belarusbank.

Direct CNY payments to the People's Republic of China are effected via Belarusbank correspondent account without intermediary banks.

Belarusbank has opened CNY correspondent accounts in major Chinese banks to perform interbank settlements.

Advantages of CNY settlements with China residents executed through Belarusbank:

  • competitive fees;
  • promptness of payments;
  • complete payment processing (Bank representative office in Beijing).

On issues of opening LORO accounts, obtaining additional income from funds placed thereon by maintaining a minimum balance, concluding Master Agreements on Interbank Market Transactions, please, contact Financial Institutions Division on the following phone number +375 (17) 309-00-89, 309-03-99, e-mail

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