Tax Free

Tax Free

Who can use the services

Individuals not permanently resident in a member state of the Eurasian Economic Union (not paid to citizens of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kirghizia).

How to receive the services

Buy articles for a sum exceeding 80 Belarusian rubles (BYN) within one business day in one store participating in the Tax Free program.

Amount saved

Refunded amount comprises 15% of the purchase amount net of VAT (or 12.5% of the purchase amount indicated in the receipt). Remuneration for provision of services is not levied.

Payment currency

Belarusian rubles (BYN)

Белорусские рубли (BYN)



Stage I – store

  • Buy an article in a store
  • Speak to the store clerk to get a Tax Free receipt (you will need a passport (or another identification document)
  • Check the accuracy of your personal data and information on your purchases, presence of clerk's signature and seal of the shop, and make sure that store receipts are attached;
  • Receive the first copy of the Tax Free receipt and a duplicate of its second copy

An incorrectly filled Tax Free receipt or absence of store receipts will lead to a rejection of refund

Stage II – customs

  • Present purchased articles and a Tax Free receipt to a customs check officer;
  • Receive the first copy of the Tax Free receipt
  • Make sure that there is a customs seal on the Tax Free receipt

Absence of the customs seal will lead to a rejection of refund

Your purchases must be unused, and must come in an undamaged package. You can undergo customs control within 3 months from the day of purchase.

Stage III – bank

  • Present the first copy of the Tax Free receipt, attached store receipts and a passport (or another identification document)
  • Receive a refund


a Tax Free receipt wasn't presented;

store receipts weren't presented;

the Tax Free receipt presented isn't an original (first copy);

there is no customs seal on the Tax Free receipt;

passport (or another identification document) was not presented;

details of the presented passport (another identification document) don't correspond to those indicated in the Tax Free receipt;

amount of VAT is specified incorrectly (wasn't specified) in the store receipt;

amount of VAT in the store receipt doesn't correspond to the amount specified in the Tax Free receipt;

purchase amount comprises less than 80 Belarusian rubles;

owner of the Tax Free receipt lives in a EEU member state (including: Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kirghizia);

more than 6 months passed from the date when articles were exported;

confirmation of export was refused for all goods items in the Tax Free receipt.


greenCheckpoints at the State Border of the Republic of Belarus with offices of Belarusbank where you can receive a VAT refund in cash.

If you have noticed any discrepancy, please, highlight it and press Ctrl+Enter