Belarusbank Awarded The Innovators 2021 International Prize

Global Finance has announced its ninth annual selections for The Innovators 2021, a unique recognition program honoring entities that regularly identify new paths and design new tools in finance.

Belarusbank has been named 2021 Outstanding Innovator in Payments for its “Look and Pass” service.

Look and Pass is a convenient biometric service designed for contactless metro fare payments. It employs face recognition technology. Scanning of faces is performed by means of a biometric terminal based on casts took by passengers in the M-Belarusbank mobile application. The system recognizes a person online even when turning the head, in poor lighting or with partially covered face, for example, with glasses or a medical mask on.

All selections were made by the editorial board of Global Finance with the input of reporters who are experts on the functions being served by these innovators.

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