Bank follows all WHO recommendations, branch network operating in the ordinary course

In the current situation caused by the spread of coronavirus infection the Bank's Board carries out daily monitoring, forecasts various scenarios and, if needed, adjusts the response plan for all kinds of challenges.

Belarusbank has chosen a comprehensive and systemic approach in applying preventative measures against the spread of the virus in order to safeguard its operations and take care of its customers and partners. In all our units disinfectants are made available to bank's customers. Remote visitors' body temperature monitoring is carried out at large outlets.

"We do our best to take care of the safety and health of our customers and employees. We adhere to all recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Belarusian Ministry of Health, - Chairman of Belarusbank Viktor Ananich said. - the Bank procures disinfectants for general use and personal hygiene, masks to promptly transfer them to its offices throughout the country. Premises of customer service are additionally sanitized. We tried to separate customer flows."

The measures taken are designed to help reduce the risk of the spread of coronavirus infection and ensure the continuity of operations of the bank's units.

First two working hours of retail outlets are devoted to servicing the pensioners. The bank has also organized phone consultations on mortgage and preferential loans while it is proposed to use pre-appointment when submitting documents, executing credit and other agreements.

Remote interaction technologies are offered to corporate and retail customers for business and account management. Belarusbank encourages extensive use of cashless payments as well as remote payments via the Internet and mobile banking.

In order to minimize contacts between employees remote work places were arranged at the bank's branches at the places of permanent residence of such employees.

Staff in charge of the key business processes was admitted to work from home. 9 bank departments are dispersed to different sites. Personal contacts are minimized in the work process, meetings and briefings are held through audio and video means.

The staff of the largest bank in the country strictly follows all prescribed sanitary measures contributing to the efficient and coordinated work of Belarusbank's team.

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