Stamped Envelope in Honor of 95th Anniversary of Belarusbank Cancelled in Minsk

The ceremony of cancellation of the illustrated stamped envelope dedicated to the 95th anniversary of Belarusbank was held today at the head office of the bank in Minsk.

To this event the Belarusian post Belpochta prepared a stamped envelope with the image of Belarusbank headquarters and the anniversary logo on it. The exclusive envelope with A-lettered stamp totaled 20 thousand printed copies. The nominal value of this stamp is equal to the tariff for sending a simple letter weighing up to 20 grams within Belarus.

Today the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus issues a special postmark “Belarusbank, 95 Years”. The Chairman of the Board of Belarusbank Viktar Ananich and the Deputy Minister of Communications and Informatization Natalia Gordeyenko cancelled the envelope with this mark.



Reference to the ancient philatelic tradition is a reminder to the public about a bright anniversary in the bank’s history.

“20 thousand envelopes with a view of Belarusbank head office will travel to 192 countries, all partners of Belarus post in the Universal Postal Union. This means that people in these countries will receive information about our bank, thereby the brand of the oldest financial institution will become even more recognizable,” said the Chairman of the Board of Belarusbank Viktar Ananich. “Having made its way from a thrift bank to the largest domestic credit and financial institution, Belarusbank has earned the reputation of a dynamically developing, reliable, recognizable commercial brand, an undisputed market leader, an established participant of the global financial processes. I am confident that the current year will be remembered by our customers for new products, quality services and notable events.


Deputy Minister of Communications and Informatization of Belarus Natalia Gordeenko wished Belarusbank well-being, and emphasized that the anniversary of the financial institution is a significant event for the Belarusian post. "We are implementing a lot of  joint projects. Issue of the stamped envelope will be a gift not only to philatelists, but to all employees of the bank", she said.


Special cancellations have been practiced in the world since 1862. In the USSR, a special cancellation, dedicated to the Day of Philately, was first held on August 19, 1922.


The cancelled envelope was transferred to the exposition of the bank’s museum. 

Press Service of Belarusbank

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