Belarusbank Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Bpifrance

The ceremony of signing a memorandum of understanding between Belarusbank and Bpifrance took place on July 20 in Paris. Belarusbank was represented by Deputy Chairman Viktar Perepelitsa, and Bpifrance – by Executive Director in charge of international business, strategy, research and development Pascal Lagarde.

Bpifrance is a French financial institution with a recent mission of insuring target export credits making it a key element of the public insurance of foreign trade deals and investment projects. Signing of MOU will foster cooperation between Belarusbank and Bpifrance.

Belarusbank attaches high importance to building partnerships with international financial institutions such as Bpifrance. That contributes to joint implementation of mutually beneficial projects, boosting foreign trade turnover, and indicates mainstreaming of Belarus-France relations.


Sitting (left to right): Pascal Lagarde – Executive Director in charge of International Affairs, Strategy, Studies and Development, Bpifrance, Viktar Perepelitsa – Deputy Chairperson of the Board, Belarusbank.

Standing (left to right): Daniel Demeulenaere – Head of Africa and Partnership International Affairs Department, Bpifrance, Trafimovich Elena - Head of trade and structured finance International business department, Belarusbank, Antoine Hawath – International Affairs Department, Bpifrance.

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