Financing of Belarusian-Polish transactions

If your company wants to buy products or services from a Polish company, or you are Polish company cooperating with Belarusian partner, take the opportunity of financing the transaction by Belarusbank and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK). These two banks are financing projects involving Belarusian and Polish companies.

The funds are provided in EUR, USD and PLN under insurance cover of KUKE in the frames of Polish Government Program ”Financial Support for Exporters”.

The following instruments are applied:

Buyer’s Bank Credit

Financing of up to 85% of the Contract Value

Repayment period

5 years

Fixed interest rate p.a.  (CIRR rate)




0,36 + Belarusbank margin

1,85 + Belarusbank margin

3,16 +

Belarusbank margin

for the period 15.09 - 14.10.2016

Annual  administration commission, %

for the first time calculated on the credit amount and subsequently calculated on the outstanding amount of credit


KUKE insurance premium,

% of the Loan amount

8,18 - 10,46 (indicative level)


Letter of Credit

Postfinancing for 100% of the LC amount


in up to 719 days from date of payment

Interest rate p.a. 

(including KUKE insurance costs)



adequate Euribor +

BGK margin + Belarusbank margin

adequate Libor +

BGK margin + Belarusbank margin

Quarterly confirmation commission, %  per each validity quarter*

*in case of confirmed LC



To receive a detailed information regarding structure of financing please apply to

  • Belarusbank’s branch (if you are a company from Belarus) or
  • BGK (if you are a company from Poland).


Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego is the only state-owned development bank in Poland. BGK initiates and implements programmes for economic growth in Poland. It is the center of competence in the financing of infrastructure projects, export, municipal companies and local governments. The Bank develops systems of sureties and guarantees aimed at stimulating the entrepreneurship. The Bank manages European programmes and distributes EU funds on a national and regional scale.

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