WSBI prepared to expand cooperation with Belarusbank

Chris de Noose, Managing Director of the World Savings and Retail Banking Banks Institute (WSBI) visited Belarusbank on October 19, 2015. 

Welcoming the guest, Belarusbank Chairman of the Board Siarhei Pisaryk noted that the bank is the only Belarusian member of the WSBI. “Being a member of such a renowned international organization enables us to exchange information about the latest technologies and innovations of the retail banking business, as well as rely on the world’s best practice in field of the development of retail services and expand the range of partners in the sphere of international finance”, Siarhei Pisaryk said.

In turn, Chris e Noose reminded that WSBS serves as a global representative of its members and strives to facilitate cooperation between them. In his words, the WSBI is ready to arrange technical consultations in association with multilateral institutions.

The WSBI-Belarusbank meeting focused on a wide range of issues, such as the results of joint efforts and the outcome of cooperation with European banks, the prospects of the further collaboration in the sphere of banking services. The parties also dwelt on the possibility of bank personnel training, financial literacy of the population, mobilization of customers’ savings, the problem of dormant accounts, the possibility of joint events and the prospects of the further cooperation and the implementation of joint projects with international finance institutions. Belarusbank and the WSBI agreed to further exchange experience, organize training for Belarusbank employees and arrange a series of joint events.

The atmosphere of the meeting was friendly. In the end Chris de Noose left a message in the VIP Guests Book, in which he thanked the bank for the warm reception and noted, that Belarusbank totally complies with the criteria of a socially-oriented retail bank and declared the possibility of greater cooperation.

Background information:

Founded in 1924, the WSBI is an independent non-government organization which unites savings banks and their associations worldwide. It is one of the largest banking associations in the world and the only global representative of savings and retail banks. WSBI members represent 110 banks in 79 countries whose aggregate assets exceed $10 trillion. Belarusbank is the only Belarusian member of the World Savings and Retail Banking Banks Institute since 2012.  

The WSBI in a non-profit organization whose purpose is to represent the interests of savings banks and retail banking institutions worldwide. The Institute distributes information, organizes training and experience exchange and encourages savings bank to join the projects of international financial institutions

In many countries of the world savings banks are systematically important credit institutions which hold the leading positions in the major segments of the financial market and largely determine the development of their economies.


Belarusbank press service

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