Belarusbanks financial results in January-April 2015

The major aim of the activity of Belarusbank in January-April 2015 was reaching the Main Development Targets which were set for the year 2015.

As of May 1, 2015 the bank’s regulatory capital totaled BYR 23.3 trillion.

The authorized fund of the bank is BYR 16.7 trillion (EUR 1,049 million).

Belarusbank’s funding base expanded by 12% or BYR 24 trillion in January-April 2015 to reach BYR 222 trillion as of May 1.

Corporate funds totaled BYR 76 trillion as of May 1, including BYR 4 trillion worth of bonds sold to businesses (BYR 519 billion and USD 213 million).

Retail deposits made BYR 81 trillion as of May 1, including BYR 5 billion worth of bonds sold to individuals (BYR 1.2 billion and USD 332 million).

As of May 1, 2015 the bank drew USD 1.8 billion of loans from foreign banks and financial companies for the implementation of domestic investment projects.

Belarusbank’s loan portfolio totaled BYR 166.4 trillion, including:

  • BYR 120.3 trillion of corporate loans (including bonds and funds which have been handed over to Belagroprombank to finance state programs);
  • BYR 41 trillion of retail loans (including reduced rate loans which were issued in accordance with presidential Decrees No.13, 185, 195, 75, 368).

As of May 1, 2015 Belarusbank issued around 5 million bank cards.

The bank has a network of 1,257 ATMs, 2,240 self-service terminals, 2 thousand cash outlets and 2 thousand payment desks for utility fees.

The share of cashless payments in the total amount of bank card transactions in April 2015 made 35.4%.

Over the period in question the volume of retail currency exchange reached an equivalent of USD 516.2 million (purchase) and USD 422.7 million (sale).

As of May 1, 2015 Belarusbank had a network of 34 branches (including 6 regional (Minsk) administrations) and 96 bank service centers, as well as 1,681 banking outlets (including 789, or 47%, located in urban areas and 892, or 53%, in rural areas).

Belarusbank press service

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