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Exchange rates

  • 1 USD 2.0340 / 2.0460
    1 EUR 2.3880 / 2.4060
    100 RUB 3.4100 / 3.4600

Precious metals

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
1g. 97 BYN BYN BYN
5g. 455 BYN BYN BYN
10g. 892 BYN BYN

Commemorative coins

1 USD2.0340 / 2.0460 1 EUR2.3880 / 2.4060 100 RUB3.4100 / 3.4600 10 CNY2.9860 / 3.1260 1 GBP2.6830 / 2.7460

Belarusbank Becomes the first Belarusian Bank to Receive a Visa Certificate for Contactless Acquiring


Belarusbank has become the first bank in Belarus certified to acquire Visa contactless cards (Visa payWave).

This certificate will ensure a whole new level of service for Belarusbank cardholders as well as enable the Bank to issue contactless cards.

payWave is a contactless payment technology that allows cardholders to make payments for goods and services in an easy, fast and secure way. Contactless cards should not be swiped through a credit card terminal for payment, the cardholder should only hold the card in front of the terminal instead. Each Visa payWave card is embedded with a microchip and an antenna that transmits transaction information to a contactless payment terminal.
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