Belarusbank summarizes its activities in 2011

Bank's activities in 2011 focused on the tasks set by the key development indicators for 2011 and the consolidated plan of activities for 2011, as well as on achievement of indicative parameters of the main directions of monetary policy of Belarus for 2011.
The bank's capital according to the balance sheet amounted to 18 527 billion rubles as of 01.01.2012. The authorized fund amounted to 16 188 billion rubles which is 1 499 million euros.
The bank's funding base increased in 2011 by 93% or 48 trillion rubles and amounted to 100 trillion rubles as of 01.01.2012. (Here and below figures are based on the methodology of indicative parameters of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus).
Corporate funds increased by a factor of 2 or by 15 trillion rubles and amounted to almost 30 trillion rubles as of 01.01.2012.
Retail funds (excluding accrued interest and securities) amounted to 23 trillion rubles as of 01.01.2012, of which 9 trillion rubles in Belarusian rubles and 1.8 billion in U.S. dollars in equivalent.
716 billion rubles, of which 32 billion rubles, 56 million U.S. dollars and 20 million euros were attracted via retail bonds as of 01.01.2012.
The amount of tied funds borrowed from foreign banks and financial companies for lending of a number of investment projects increased by 189 million U.S. dollars as of 01.01.2012 and amounted to U.S. $ 600 million.
Loan portfolio of the bank's customers amounted to 59 trillion rubles as of 01.01.2012, of which corporate loan portfolio - 36 trillion rubles, retail loan portfolio - 23 trillion rubles.
Indebtedness of individuals under concessional loans provided under the Presidential Decrees (No. 185, 75, 368) amounted to 19 trillion rubles as of 01.01.2012.
The total number of cards issued as of 01.01.2012 amounted to 4.8 million pcs.
Among them: MasterCard - 0.8 million, VISA - 1.3 million, BelKart - 2.7 million
Development of servicing technical infrastructure for holders of plastic cards in 2011:
- 56 ATMs installed, total of 1038 ATMs operating as of 01.01.2012;
- 197 self-service terminals installed, total of 1038 self-service terminals operating as of 01.01.2012;
- 42 cash dispensing offices opened. Total of 2 045 cash dispensing offices operating as of 01.01.2012;
- 165 utility payment acceptance outlets opened. Total of 1 972 utility payment acceptance outlets operating as of 01.01.2012;
- 5647 new workplaces created in trade (service) organizations to service the holders of plastic cards. Total of 14 315 trade (service) organizations accepted plastic cards for service as of 01.01.2012, total number of workplaces to receive plastic cards - 22 699.
The share of non-cash transactions with plastic cards in total debit transactions with plastic cards within the bank's network amounted to 22.40% in December 2011 as compared to 17.62% in December 2010.
Over 2011 institutions of the bank purchased foreign currency in cash (including conversions) in equivalent of 1.4 billion U.S. dollars; 1.2 billion U.S. dollars in the equivalent were sold (including conversions).
159 kg of gold, 199 kg of silver and 3 kg of platinum bullion were sold in 2011.
The bank's branch network as of 01.01.2012 consisted of 41 branches (including 6 branches, regional (Minsk) divisions, 100 banking services centers and 1800 outlets (of which 841 or 46% of the total number of outlets are located in cities and 959 or 54% - in rural areas).

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