The Performance Results of Belarusbank for the January-August 2011 (press release)

January-August 2011, the Bank's activities was aimed at addressing challenges identified by Key Development Indicators for 2011 and Consolidated Plan of Activities on their Implementation for 2011, as well as at achieving the indicative parameters of the Major directions of monetary policy of the Republic of Belarus for 2011.

According to preliminary data, the regulatory capital of the bank amounted to BYR 5,075 as of 01.09.2011. The statutory fund amounts to BYR 3,288 billion or EUR 445 million in equivalent.

The funding base of the Bank in the period from January to August 2011 increased by 41% or by BYR 21 trillion and amounted to BYR 73 trillion as of 01.09.2011.

Corporate funds grew by 82%, or BYR 12 trillion, and as of 01.09.2011 amounted to BYR 27 trillion.

The volume of funds attracted through placement of bonds among entities amounted to BYR 983 billion as of 01.09.2011, including BYR 621 billion and USD 71 million.

Funds of individuals (adjusted for the accrued interest) amounted to BYR 15 trillion as of 01.09.2011, including BYR 7 trillion, and USD 1,580 million.

As of 01.09.2011, the Bank has raised BYR 554 billion, including BYR 70 billion, USD 60 million and EUR 24 million, through placing bonds among the individuals.

The indebtedness of Belarusbank to foreign banks and financial companies in relation to "tied" foreign loans increased by USD 160 million and as of 01.09.2011 totaled to USD 569 million.

As of 01.09.2011, the loan portfolio of the Bank's customers made a total of BYR 49 trillion, including corporate loan portfolio of BYR 29 trillion and individual loan portfolio of BYR 40 trillion.

Indebtedness of individuals in respect of loans with below market rates in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus (No. 185, 75, 368) amounted to BYR 17 trillion as of 01.09.2011,.

As of 01.09.2011, the number of plastic cards of Belarusbank in circulation amounted to 4.9 million.

The Bank currently has 1,010 ATMs, 1,953 self-service terminals, about 21 thousand of POS in trade and service companies, 2,026 cash points and 1,928 utility payment acceptance points.

The share of non-cash transactions with plastic cards in total volume of debit operations with plastic cards in the Bank's network was 20.28% for August 2011 against 17.62% in December 2010.

For the period of January-August, 2011, the Bank's offices bought foreign currency in cash (including conversions) equal to USD 830 million while the volume of sold foreign currency in cash (including conversion) equaled to USD 914 million. Compared to the same period of the previous year the volume decreased by 47% in respect of purchases and by 33% in respect of sales.

As of 01.09.2011, the Bank's branch network consisted of 43 branches (including 6 branches - regional (Minsk) divisions), 99 centers of banking services, and 1,839 outlets(of which 851 outlets, or 46% of the total number of outlets, are located in urban areas and 988 or 54% - in rural areas).

Press-service of Belarusbank

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