Belarusbank bottom lines for January-July 2011

In January-July 2011 Belarusbank received revenues for the amount of BYR 261 bln., which is BYR 20 bln. higher than in the analogous period of 2010 (BYR 241 bln.).

According to preliminary estimates, regulatory capital of the bank as of 01.08.2011 amounted to BYR 5,019 bn. Authorized capital is equal to BYR 3,288 bln. or EUR 464 m.

Bank's funding base in January-July 2011grew by 38% or by BYR 20,000 bln. amounting as of 01.08.2011 to BYR 72,000 bln.

Corporate deposits grew by 70% or BYR 11,000 bln. and as of 01.08.2011 amounted to BYR 26,000 bln.

Bonds placed with the legal entities as of 01.08.2011 amounted to BYR 755 bln.: BYR  465 bln. and almost USD 60 mln.

Retail deposits (with accrued interests) as of 01.08.2011 reached BYR15,000 bln.: BYR 7,000 bln. and USD 64 mln.

As of 01.08.2011 bonds placed with individual retail subscribers allowed to attract BYR 576 bln.: BYR 74 bln., USD 64 mln. and EUR 26 mln.

Belarusbank's debt to foreign banks and financial institutions under "tied" foreign loan facilities grew by USD 148 mln. and as of 01.08.2011 amounted to USD 558 mln.

Bank's client loan portfolio as of 01.08.2011 made BYR 48,000 bln., comprising corporate loan portfolio of BYR 28,000 bln. and retail loan portfolio of BYR 20,000 bln.

Individuals' debt under the loans, subsidized according to the Decrees of the President of the Republic of Belarus (n. 185, 75, 368), as of 01.08.2011 amounted to BYR 17,000 bln.

4,9 mln. Belarusbank's plastic cards circulated as of 01.08.2011.

997 ATM, 1,918 self-service terminals and 20,000 POS terminals are functioning in trade and service enterprises, 2,016 cash advance points and 1,913 utilities payments collection points are in place.

Cashless plastic card transactions in total volume of bank network payments made 19,48 % in July 2011 compared to 17,62 % of December 2010.

In January-July 2011 bank's outlets bought foreign currency in cash (conversion included) for the equivalent of USD 810 mln., sold (conversion included) for the equivalent of USD 900 mln., with reduction of 39 % for purchase and of 23 % for sales as compared to the same period of the previous year.

As of August 1, 2011, bank's branch network consisted of 43 branches (comprising 6 branches - regional (Minsk city) divisions), 99 banking services centers and 1841 outlets (of which 852 or 46% are situated in towns and cities and 989 or 54% in the rural areas).


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