Belarusbank is Included in the List of the Largest Banks of the CIS

A bank from Belarus - Belarusbank - has become the largest non-Russian credit institution included in the top 100 largest banks of the CIS in terms of volume of assets the bank. As of January 1, 2011, its assets amounted to USD 17.6 billion, which enabled the bank to take its place among the 10 largest banks of the CIS. Total assets of the five banks included in the ranking list of Belarusian banks amount to USD 35 billion.

Ukraine is the second country by the number of banks represented in the ranking list. 15 credit institutions from that country have taken their ranking positions. The largest bank of the Ukraine is Privatbank, which has taken the 13th position with assets of USD 14.2 billion.


(According to the experts, "RIA-Analysis")

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