Belarusbank's business summary from January through March 2011

In January-March of 2011 Belarusbank's operations were aimed at achieving the targets set by the Basic development indicators for 2011 and the Combined plan of activities for their achievement as well as by indicative parameters of the Major directions of monetary policy of the Republic of Belarus for 2011.

According to preliminary data the regulatory capital of the bank amounted to 4,958 billion rubles as of 01.06.2011. The statutory fund amounts to 3,288 billion rubles which is 463 million Euro in equivalent.

The funding base of the bank in the period from January to May 2011 increased by 34.6% or by 18 trillion rubles and amounted to 70 trillion rubles as of 01.06.2011.

Corporate funds grew by 52.8% or by 8 trillion rubles and amounted to 23 trillion rubles as of 01.06.2011.

Funds attracted through placement of bonds among companies amounted to 1,376 billion rubles as of 01.06.2011 of which almost 1 079 billion rubles and 57 billion US dollars.

Funds of individuals (including interest accrued) amounted to 15.3 trillion rubles as of 01.06.2011 including 6 trillion rubles and 1 831 US dollars.

932 billion rubles comprising of 87 billion rubles, 112 million US dollars and 41 million Euro were attracted through placing bonds among the individuals as of 01.06.2011.

Belarusbank‘s indebtedness to foreign banks and financial companies in connection with "tied" foreign lending resources grew by 120 million US dollars and amounted to 530 million US dollars as of 01.06.2011, and in postfinancing (including pre-export financing) it grew by 80 million US dollars and amounted to 417 million US dollars.

Loan portfolio of the bank's customers amounted to 46 trillion rubles as of 01.06.2011 including corporate loan portfolio of 27.5 trillion rubles and individual loan portfolio of 18.5 trillion rubles.

Loans to individuals under subsidized loans in accordance with the Decrees of the President of the Republic of Belarus (No. 185, 75, 368) amounted to 15.1 trillion rubles as of 01.06.2011.

Belarusbank's plastic cards in circulation totaled 4.9 million as of 01.06.2011.

The bank has 997 ATMs, 1865 self-service terminals, 18.9 thousand electronic terminals at sales and service enterprises, 2011 cash points, 1908 utility payment acceptance points.

The share of cashless operations using plastic cards in the total volume of debit operations with plastic cards within the bank's network equaled 19.39% in May 2011 as compared to 17.62% in December 2010.

From January till May 2011 the bank's outlets purchased foreign currency in cash (including conversion) in the amount of 751 million US dollars in equivalent and sold (including conversion) the same in the amount of 843 million US dollars in equivalent. Growth rates in purchase and sale of foreign currency in dollar equivalent compared with the same period of the previous year equaled 80.7% in purchase and 106.2% in sale.

The bank's branch network consists of 43 branches (including 6 branches - regional (Minsk) divisions), 99 service centers and 1,842 outlets (of which 853 or 46% of the total number of outlets are located in cities and 989 or 54% in rural areas).

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