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Belarusbank Presentation in Germany


On 24 March 2011 presentation of Belarusbank took place in Frankfurt-am-Main.

In connection with policy of mass modernization which took place in Belarus during past years European companies are highly interested in cooperation with Belarus in various spheres of economy (wood processing, petrochemistry, construction, light industry and other) and as result the volume of investment loans for the Belarusian economy attracted from European financial institutions has been increased.

Being a lieder in the field of attracting trade-related financing from European banks and nonbanking financial organizations Belarusbank continues its activities in foreign-economic sphere.    

In this connection on 24 March 2011 the presentation of Belarusbank "Belarusbank & ECA financing: track records and new projects" was organized in Frankfurt am Main.

More than 30 representatives of European financial institutions, companies and Belarusian enterprises - Belarusbank's clients - visited this event. The macroeconomic review of Belarus as well as Belarusbank's results of 2010 were given during the presentation. Representatives from German, Swiss and Czech banks shared their experience in realization projects in Belarus and with Belarusbank.

In the frames of presentation foreign banks, leasing company, suppliers and Belarusian enterprises had opportunity to discuss the financing possibilities for specific projects.

Moreover during the presentation loan agreements with German banks АКА Ausfuhrkredit-Gesellschaft mbH and Landesbank Baden-Württemberg for the project "Rechitsadrev - Siempelkamp" and with Czech bank Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka for the project "Belarusian Railway - CZ Loko" were signed - in the total amount of more than EUR 35 mln.


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