Memorandum of Understanding

On October 17, 2008 in Frankfurt  Belarusbank and Deutsche Börse AG, the operator of Frankfurt Stock Exchange, (Frankfurter Wertpapierborse), signed the Memorandum of Understanding. The Memorandum defines the Parties' intentions regarding development of Belarusian Stock Exchange market and it will be an additional factor that facilitates for Belarusian companies approach international capital market.

In accordance with the Memorandum the Parties intend to share information and cooperate in the following:

- mutual assistance and cooperation in the field of transactions development on capital market in Belarus as well as in Germany;

- Bank's support receiving by the Stock Exchange and its listing-partners in searching of Belarusian enterprises, proper for IPO realization on the Stock Market;

- the Stock Exchange's support receiving by the Bank in the activity that is associated with Belarusian enterprises promotion to the Stock Exchange and with German companies attracting to Belarusian Stock Market.

As the first step towards Memorandum implementation the Parties discussed holding of the workshop for interested Belarusian enterprises and banks on the topic "Access to European capital market and international investors for Belorussian companies". This workshop was held in the first decade of December in Minsk.

For reference. Deutsche Börse AG - an integrated stock organization that rends such services as electronic commerce arrangement, clearing, settlements of transactions accounts, depository and information services.

Since 1993  Deutsche Börse is an operator of Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Frankfurter Wertpapierborse). This Stock Exchange owns 100% of the Statutory Capital of the company "Clearstream" (Central Securities Depositary for the markets of Germany and Luxemburg and also international depositary for Eurobond and shares market), 50 % of Statutory Capital of Eurex (world largest stock field for derivative trade), and 100 % of the Statutory Capital of Deutsche Börse System (technological complex). Spot market trading is carried on Xetra trade platform (electronic trading and trading with voice help), established in 1997. Over 2900 employees work in Deutsche Börse offices, located in Germany, Spain, Luxemburg, Switzerland. The Stock Exchange also has its representative offices in Hong-Kong, Dubai, London, New-York. Paris and Chicago.  




In the picture: from left to right Sergey Girach, Deputy Head of  the Representative Office of Belarusbank in Federal Republic of Germany; Boris Fridman, Deputy Director of Investment and Securities Department; Genadiy Gaspadarik, Deputy Chairperson of the Board - Head of Operational Department; Rainer Rees, Managing Director, Deutsche Börse; Martin Steinbach, Managing Director - Director of Section Issuer and Investor Relations, Deutsche Brse; Marian Valkov, Key account manager - Russia and CIS, Deutsche Börse; Nikolay Vavohin - Head of  the Representative of Belarusbank Office in Federal Republic of Germany.

In the picture: signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Deutsche Börse AG (Heads of the company "Frankfurt Stock Exchange" ) and Belarusbank.

 In the picture: present of the figurine "Bull and Bear" - the symbol of exchange trade.

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