The workshop Access to European capital market and international investors for Belorussian companies

The workshop on the topic "Access to European capital market and international investors for Belarusian companies" took place in Crowne Plaza Hotel on December 3, 2008. This workshop was organized by Belarusbank in association with Frankfurt Stock Exchange. This event is continuation of cooperation, which started on October 17, 2008 in Frankfurt by signing the Memorandum of Understanding between Belarusbank and the company "Deutsche Börse" - the operator of Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The aim of this event was to introduce Frankfurt Stock Exchange as the biggest European listing platform to enterprises of the Republic of Belarus.

Among the main topics of the workshop were issues of cooperation with international investors, IPO (Initial Public Offering) implementation for Belarusian companies, information support for IPO and organization of the cooperation process with investors. The delegation, consisted of the representatives from Frankfurt Stock Exchange and experts from one of the largest investment banks Deutsche Bank, world famous audit company Ernst&Young and law company Clifford Chance, investor relations company Financial Dynamics, who were speakers during the workshop.

Participation of speakers from such well known organizations confirms increasing interest of international investors to the processes, taking place in the Republic of Belarus.

The workshop attracted over 100 participants from Belarus side. Besides the biggest enterprises which are interested in approaching European capital market, there were representatives of government bodies among the participants.

In the course of the event participants had a unique opportunity to get answers to the most difficult questions directly from the most experienced stock market professionals.

A meeting of Frankfurt Stock Exchange representatives, Deutsche Bank experts with heads of financial market regulatory agencies (Securities Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus, Central Securities Depositary, Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange) was held within the frame of the workshop. During this meeting such issues as legislative and infrastructure of stock market development were discussed, forms and lines of further cooperation were defined.

Deutsche Bank. Depositary Reseipts in International Capital Raising: Overview and Advantages acrobat
Deutsche Bank. Privatization in difficult international market conditions: IPO and other alternatives acrobat
Clifford Chance. CIS Listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange acrobat
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