ECA Covered Financing

Advantages of obtaining financing using foreign credit facilities:

The main advantages of obtaining financing using foreign credit facilities are the following:

  • wide range of suppliers and foreign banks;
  • terms in which the resources are granted depends on the conditions and the loan amount;
  • rather low interest rate;
  • flexibility of the repayment schedule;
  • possible delay in repayment of the principal amount;
  • fast decision-making regarding financing.

Possible financing of foreign trade contracts by means of tied loans attracted under interbank loan agreements

Object of financing:

  • delivery of equipment (spare parts to delivered equipment which is being delivered, related works, services);
  • delivery of machinery and means of transport;
  • construction;
  • infrastructure projects.

In regard to the Russian Federation, the deliveries of raw materials with a deeper degree of processing are also financed (provided that they are classified as high-technology products in accordance with the FEACN (Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature) codes.

Requirements to foreign trade contracts:

  • advance payment in the amount at least 15% (this requirement is not so strict in regard to the contracts with the residents of the Russian Federation);
  • country content in the object of financing – the content of the Exporter’s country should exceed 50% (or more depending on country requirements to the volume of content).
  • the object of financing has not crossed the state border of the Republic of Belarus;

Terms of financing: 1 – 7 years, for large-scale projects – up to 10 years.

Currency of financing: US dollars, euro, Russian rubles.

The Scheme of Financing Under Interbank Agreements

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