Depository Services

Belarusbank's depository operates under the license for implementing the professional and stock exchange activities with securities, issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus.


There are depository centers established on the basis of the depositary of Belarusbank which are located throughout the country which allow the customers to receive a full range of depository services, regardless of the location.  


The depositary of Belarusbank offers to the legal entities the following services:


Service of "depot" accounts of legal entities;

Depository service of issuers;

Registration of transactions with securities;

Depository service of "depot" account of a trustee.


The charges for the depository services are made in accordance with the tariffs approved by the Board of Directors and applicable at the time of the service.



 application for the depository service (except issuers);

-application for the opening of the "depot" account for the issuer;

"depot" order;

signature cards.


Servicing "depot" accounts of legal entities

Within the frame of servicing "depot" accounts the depository of Belarusbank provides the following services:

  • keeping an account and safekeeping the securities owned by a customer;
  • recording (discharging) the securities in (out of) the client's "depot" account;
  • providing account statement;
  • operations with collateral of securities;
  • maintaining record of securities, transferred by a customer to the trust management;


The "depot" account of legal entities which are clients of the Bank is opened on the basis of the application for the depository service (for an issuer - on the basis of the application for the opening of "depot" account).


If a legal entity has no current or other account in Belarusbank, it has to provide to the depository of the Bank the following additional documents:


  • a copy of registration certificate of a legal entity;
  • a copy of the Charter;
  • the signature cards of the persons, authorized to manage a "depot" account and a copy of the seal of the "depot" account holder.


Depository service for issuers

The depository of the Bank provides the issuers with the following services:

  • creation and maintaining of an up to date register of securities holders, provided by an issuer;
  • transactions in connection with the change of the essential elements of the issuer's security;
  • providing the issuer with the register of securities holders or other information, necessary for conducting the stockholder's meeting, paying dividends and repaying bonds;
  • calculation and payment of dividends to securities holders, including the possibility of making payments via the branches of the Bank;
  • presenting the issuer and security holders with the information, related to the depository service;
  • informing the issuer about any changes in the legislation, governing the securities market.


The depository of Belarusbank guarantees full confidentiality of issuers' information.


Registration of transactions with securities

Belarusbank registers transactions with securities. Legal entities can register transactions with securities at any branch of Belarusbank.


Depository service of "depot account" of a trustee


Securities transferred by a legal entity and/or individual to the trust management are kept on the separate sub-account opened in the "depot" account of a trustee.


If you have any questions, please contact the depository of Belarusbank.


18 Dzerzhinski ave., 220089 Minsk


tel: +375 17 309 04 07, +375 17 309 11 57.



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