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Presentation of JSSB BELARUSBANK’s Potential for the Organization of Financing Under Foreign Loan Facilities (press-release)


A presentation of JSSB BELARUSBANK’s potential for the organization of financing under foreign loan facilities was made on 12 July 2006. The presentation was attended by 69 belarusian organizations and enterprises from all regions of the Republic of Belarus representing a wide variety of  industries and seeking foreign loan facilities to finance their investment projects. Among the participants were RUE Minsk Automobile Factory, RUE Minsk Tractor Works, RUPE Vityaz – TV maker, RUE Gomselmash – agricultural machinery and equipment, OJSC Mogilyovchimvolocno – chemical products, CJSC BeST – Belarusian Telecommunications Network, RUE “Minsk” Hotel, The National State Television and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus and others.

The main aim of the presentation was to introduce potential borrowers to the advantages of foreign loan facilities and to feature new instruments for financing customers’ foreign trade operations.

 JSSB BELARUSBANK’s Deputy Chairmen – Novick Vladimir Vladimirovich, Nazarenko Valentina Anufrievna, Kozel Ivan Fyodorovich – made speeches during the presentation. Head of the International and Interbank Settlement Department and Head of the International Projects Department presented reports covering the Bank’s international strategy, borrowing opportunities for belorusian enterprises using foreign loan facilities, approaches to minimizing foreign trade risks by using trade finance instruments, as well as new banking services and products for financing investment projects.  

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