The Belarusbanks bottom line for January - May 2006

Profit                                      37.9 billion BYR

Profitability                            8.5% compared to 3.9% of the previous year

Equity                                     1,446.5 billion BYR as of June 1, 2006, growth of 41.3 billion BYR from the beginning of the year

Authorized fund                    1,188.8 billion BYR equivalent of 431.8 million Euro

Equity adequacy index          23.3% (with a standard of not less than 8%)

Short-term liquidity index     0.7 (with a standard of not less than 1.0)

Resources                               9.2 trillion BYR - growth by 142.3 billion BYR from the beginning of the year (6.4 trillion BYR and 1.3 billion USD)

Lending                                  7.1 trillion BYR as of June 1 (corporate loans 3,876.4 billion BYR; retail loans 3,144.5 billion BYR)

Total assets                             9,178.5 billion BYR

Funds attracted                      7.7 trillion BYR with 3.6 trillion BYR of household deposits

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