Belarusbank bears the major burden of the real sector investments (press-release)

Belarusbank bears the major burden of the investment loans to the real sector of economy as well as financing of the major investment projects adopted by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

The banks targeted volume of the investment loans was overdrawn by 71,3 per cent in 2005 and the growth rate exceeded 60 per cent as compared to 2004. BYR 1198,8 billion long-term (investment) loans (including financial leasing contracts) including BYR 527,5 billion in foreign currency among them BYR 122,3 billion of the foreign credit lines were granted during the last year.

JSSB Belarusbank participated actively in the implementation of the state investment programs aiming at the construction, modernization, technical retooling and improving of technological processes, equipping agricultural enterprises of the country with modern foreign- and home-produced machinery. The implementation of the following investment projects was accomplished with the loan funds attracted during the last year: RUE Minsk tractor works, Belarusian railway, RUE Belarusian metallurgic works, all sugar-processing enterprises of the country, complex reconstruction of the Independence Square is running, the construction of the newsprint paper production works started in Shklov.

More than 200 buses were purchased through leasing transactions in 2005 aiming at renovation of the passenger bus fleet of Vitebsk, Gomel, Mogilyov regions and Minsk city. More than BYR 500 billion were directed to purchasing of machinery for agricultural enterprises in all regions of the country.

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