Results of Belarusbank's Activities for the Year 2005 (press-release)

In the year 2005 Belarusbank's activities were directed to achieving the goals set in the General Trends of the Monetary Policy of the Republic of Belarus for the year 2005 and The Bank's Strategy for the Year 2005. The bank met all indicative indices set by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. The bank exceeded the equity capital and authorized fund increase indices and gross loans to the economy ratio.

In 2005 equity capital increased by 65% and reached BYR 1402 bln., or more than one third of the total capital of the banking system of Belarus. During the last five years the bank's equity capital has grown by 13 times while the average growth through the banking system was 10 times.

In 2005 the authorized fund increased by 54% and as of January 2006 amounted to BYR 1176 bln. During the last five years the bank's authorized fund has grown by 16 times while the average growth through the banking system was 14 times.

In 2005 the bank's resources grew by 44% and amounted to BYR 8.9 trln. During the last five years the resources have grown 9 times.

In 2005 the bank's profit amounted to BYR 43.7 bln.

The bank has attracted 33% of all corporate customers' funds accumulated by the banking system of Belarus and more than 60% of all retail customers' funds.

The total retail customers' funds accumulated in the accounts grew to BYR 3.4 or 18 times in comparison with the beginning of 2001.

In 2004 the bank developed and implemented a new banking product bonds for retail customers. As of January 1, 2006 the bank sold bonds for BYR 30.6 bln., USD 6.3 mln. and Euro 1.7 mln.

Having entered Europay payment system in 1996, by the January 1, 2006 the bank issued more than 1.7 mln. plastic cards (in comparison to 13 thousand as of January 1, 2000). Total balance of all card accounts is about BYR 250 bln.

Today the bank maintains 570 ATMs, 391 self service EFTPOSs (Kiosks), more than 1 thousand cash advance points, more that 700 points of public utilities payments, 1.4 thousand POSs.

In 2005 the volume of plastic card payments amounted to BYR 97 bln. or 4 times more as compared to 2004.

As of January 1, 2006 total retail customers' credit portfolio reached BYR 2.7 trln. or 20 times more than that as of January 1, 2001. The bank's share in the overall loans granted to the retail customers in the Republic amounts to 82%. During 2001-2005 the bank's corporate customers credit portfolio increased from BYR 460 bln. up to BYR 3.5 trln. or 7 times. The total amount of credit investments amounted to 6.2 trln.

In 2005 the bank's profitability was 4.4% (1.35 in 2001).

As of January 1, 2006 the branch network comprised 121 institutions, including 1806 branches and 2 bank services centres.

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