Banks lending to the real sector (press-release)

Recently structure of the JSSB Belarusbanks lending to real sector enterprises has changed due to the growth of the amounts of investment loans. As of  January 1, 2006, the share of investment loans in the loan portfolio amounted at 72 per cent, increasing by 24 percentage points from the beginning of the five-year plan.

The Bank provides loan support for modernization of the major industrial enterprises of the Republic: Belaruskaliy production association, Belarusian Metallurgic Works, all of the sugar refineries. Credit lines for purchasing of equipment are opened in favor of Belarusian Railways, a number of processing industry enterprises.

Considerable loans are granted to energetic enterprises, petrochemical industry enterprises. Harvesting and processing equipment renewal in agricultural enterprises and city passenger transport renewal programs are carried out.  

JSSB Belarusbank pays much attention to the loan portfolio quality. This work resulted in reduction of bad loans share from 3.8 % as at beginning of 2005 to 1.6 % at January 1, 2006. At the same time problem indebtedness reduced by BYR 66 bln. or by 38 %.  Banks revenue in 2005 amounted at 43.7 bln. BYR, and in the last five years it equaled USD 62 mln.

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