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Exchange rates

  • 1 USD 2.0190 / 2.0320
    1 EUR 2.3750 / 2.3930
    100 RUB 3.4200 / 3.4700

Precious metals

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
1g. 97 BYN BYN BYN
5g. 455 BYN BYN BYN
10g. 892 BYN BYN

Commemorative coins

1 USD2.0190 / 2.0320 1 EUR2.3750 / 2.3930 100 RUB3.4200 / 3.4700 10 CNY2.9850 / 3.1250 1 GBP2.6590 / 2.7220

New step in cooperation


During the working visit of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Belarusbank Mr. Vladimir Novik to the Federal Republic of Germany a number of negotiations had been conducted with German counterparties. As the result, Individual Loan Agreement with AKA Ausfuhrkredit-Gesellschaft mbH for financing of delivery of equipment to Belarusian Metallurgical Works for amount more than EUR 6 mln. was signed along with five Loan Agreements with Bankgesellschaft Berlin AG for financing if deliveries of agricultural machines to Belarusian enterprises for more than EUR 4 mln.

During the visit, Mr. Novik met with the representatives of Dresdner Bank AG and signed the Framework Agreement for attracting funds of German banks to finance Belarusian economy.

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