Belarusbank is national partner of 2nd European Games

national partner of the 2nd European Games

Belarusbank was named the national partner of the 2nd European Games in late August 2018. The corresponding document was signed by Chairman of the Board of the Bank Viktar Ananich and CEO of Minsk 2019 European Games Organizing Committee (MEGOC) George Katulin.

Viktar Ananich and George Katulin

Supporting elite sports keeps a steady position on the list of Belarusbank’s corporate social responsibility priorities.

That is also the underlying idea of one of our five charity projects titled “Belarusbank. Let’s Win Together!”, in the framework of which we provide financial assistance to institutions and clubs of many popular sports. So we could not possibly ignore the main sports event of 2019”, said Chairman of the Board of Belarusbank Viktar Ananich.

talisman lesikRepresentatives of the Bank believe that the 2nd European Games will not only enable foreign guests to have a wonderful time in Belarus and learn more about the country. They will also unite Belarusians in their effort to achieve great and ambitious goals.

The primary aim of bilateral cooperation is to promote the Olympic movement and strengthen the brand of the 2nd European Games both in Belarus and abroad. According to George Katulin, it would be impossible to organize such a large-scale sports event without reliable partners, including those that ensure financial stability of cooperation with all client groups engaged.

“In this connection we particularly appreciate the participation of Belarusbank, one of the oldest financial institutions of the country that won the loyalty of millions of Belarussian residents many years ago”, he stressed.

The Bank believes that such a large-scale sport event in Minsk will reinforce Belarus’ international standing and testify to its reputation of a state that pays a lot of attention to the development of physical fitness and sport and the promotion of healthy lifestyle.

We are pleased to remind you that the 2nd European Games will be held in Minsk on June 21-30, 2019. The games will gather more than 4000 athletes from 50 countries.

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