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Trade finance


Financing of all phases of a foreign trade contract within a letter of credit - from advance payment to payment for installation

Various financing methods:

  • post-financing (with no special contractual provisions)
  • payment in instalments with the discounting of documents (indicating in a contract the terms of payment by instalments and discounting)

The financing periods range up to 1 year (up to 2 years under contracts with Poland, up to 5 years under contracts with Italy)



  • The cost of financing is lower than that of direct lending
  • Wide geography of transactions (CIS countries, EU countries, Asia, North America)
  • A large number of correspondent banks that provide credit lines to Belarusbank
  • Fast decision-making on financing
  • Low risks of settlements under foreign trade contracts
  • Financing up to 100% of the contract value


  • Get advice on the draft contract and discuss the preliminary terms of financing at Belarusbank's office
  • Upon signing the contract file a request to the servicing branch of the bank (with the contract and financial reporting attached in order to establish the limit of active operations)
  • Conclude an agreement on opening and execution of a letter of credit and apply for the letter of credit


  • Strong financial position
  • Sufficient security


At the pre-contract stage we will be happy to assist you in:

  • developing contract sections
  • finding optimal settlement terms
  • structuring financing schemes


The choice of a payment and financing scheme depends on each specific transaction.

Therefore, before entering into a contract, we recommend that you contact the bank branch or the trade finance department of the bank.

Contacting the bank at the pre-contract stage will ensure the most efficient way of settlement with your foreign partner.



Structured and Trade Finance
International Business Department

Tel.: + 375 (17) 309 06 68, 309 00 07
Fax: + 375 (17) 289 37 82


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