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Exchange rates

  • 1 USD 1.9470 / 1.9600
    1 EUR 2.2970 / 2.3170
    100 RUB 3.3500 / 3.4200

Precious metals

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
1g. 100 BYN 10g. 27 BYN 10g. 1 000 BYN
5g. 449 BYN 20g. 45 BYN 20g. 2 000 BYN
10g. 880 BYN 50g. 79 BYN

Commemorative coins

1 USD1.9470 / 1.9600 1 EUR2.2970 / 2.3170 100 RUB3.3500 / 3.4200 10 CNY2.8730 / 3.0130 1 GBP2.5380 / 2.6010

Cash Collection Services


Cash Collection Services

Relying on 85 years of experience in banking and having the most extensive network of cash collection services in Belarus, servicing over 6000 clients in all regions of the country, Belarusbank offers a wide range of services for cash collection and transportation of cash, currency and other values:

- Collection of the Belarusian and foreign currency at any time convenient to you allows you to deposit cash from the cash desks of your shops and stores to your accounts with the maximum safety and speed.  

- Transportation of valuables between enterprises, institutions, organizations and their subordinate divisions of various forms of ownership will solve all your problems related to the safe transportation of valuables between your offices.

- Delivery of cash upon demand to pay salaries will ensure safe and timely receipt of needed cash for any enterprise throughout the country no matter whether it is a school in rural area or an industrial conglomerate.

- Exchange of BYR banknotes of large denomination into banknotes of small denomination  is a unique service provided only by Belarusbank; it will solve the problem of availability of change that the cashiers of trade and service companies usually have.

- Other collection services.

Fees for these services are set individually by the branches of the Bank.

The provision of the abovementioned services is performed on the basis of current legislation of Belarus and collection agreements between the Bank and its clients.


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