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Exchange rates

  • 1 USD 1.9300 / 1.9420
    1 EUR 2.2650 / 2.2820
    100 RUB 3.2300 / 3.2800

Precious metals

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
1g. 103 BYN 10g. 21 BYN 10g. 1 000 BYN
5g. 450 BYN 20g. 35 BYN 20g. 2 000 BYN
10g. 865 BYN 50g. 79 BYN

Commemorative coins

1 USD1.9300 / 1.9420 1 EUR2.2650 / 2.2820 100 RUB3.2300 / 3.2800 10 CNY2.8450 / 2.9650 1 GBP2.4630 / 2.5230

Savings certificates of Belarusbank


Savings certificates of Belarusbank

  A savings certificate is a security certifying the amount of the deposit placed with the bank and the rights of the depositor (individual who is the certificate holder, except for individual entrepreneur who is the certificate holder) to receive the amount of deposit and the interest thereon at any office of the bank on the due date. 

A savings certificate is a documentary form of a bank deposit contract.

The certificates may be held by resident and non-resident individuals in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

Belarusbank issues term savings certificates payable to bearer denominated in BYR.

The minimum amount of funds placed to the deposit is BYR 100 000 (one hundred thousand).

Interest rates and periods of circulation are approved by an authorized body of Belarusbank.

The interest rate during the circulation period is not subject to changes.

The interest on the certificate is calculated over a period of time from the date of placing funds with the bank (inclusive) to the date preceding the maturity of deposit and is paid upon its presentation simultaneously with payment of the certificate upon maturity of the deposit. The interest is not calculated over a period of time from the maturity of deposit stated in the certificate to the date of its actual presentation for payment.

In case of the early presentation of the certificate for payment the certificate bearer receives the sum of the deposit and the interest due based on the interest rate set for demand deposits in BYR (taking into consideration its changes) over the period of the actual deposit-keeping term.

The savings certificate holder is entitled to transfer his certificate rights to another individual. To transfer the rights certified by the bearer certificate to another individual, it is sufficient to deliver him the certificate.


Trust management

Belarusbank provides individuals with trust management services for cash assets and securities.

Trust management is an opportunity to secure and increase your assets while substantially reducing risks.

Trusting the professionals you get an opportunity to place your funds without bearing the cost of researching the business environment and market tendencies.

Contact phones: (+375 17) 218 84 73, 218 82 43.


Trust management of shareholdings (shares, rights) owned by public officials in authorized funds of commercial organizations


Belarusbank provides trust management of shareholdings (shares, rights) owned by public officials in authorized funds of commercial organizations in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus № 136 "On Trust Management of Shareholdings (Shares, Rights) Owned by Public Officials in Authorized Funds of Commercial Organizations" dated March 17, 2004.

To conclude a contract of trust management, a public official needs to file a standard application form, attach copies of the contract (agreement), decision (order, instruction, any other act) of the relevant public authority or official on admission (enrollment, appointment) to the public service, as well as to present a document certifying its right to the assets to be held in trust management.

To certify the ownership of shares, it is sufficient to submit a statement of the depo account from the depository that keeps records of the rights to shares. The statement must be received not later than one month before a public official submits an application to the bank and it must contain all the encumbrances on shares.

To certify the ownership of a share in the authorized fund of commercial organizations it is necessary to provide the bank with the copies of the constituent documents certified by this organization (charter, constituent agreement) as well as a copy of the certificate of making a contribution to the authorized fund of a commercial organization.

The documents for concluding a contract may be presented to any office of Belarusbank regardless of the place of residence.

For more information on trust management of shareholdings (shares, rights) owned by public officials in authorized funds of commercial organizations, please call (+375 17) 218 84 52, 218 84 72, 218 86 85, 218 84 73.

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